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The Lexicographic Centre at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University presents the Comprehensive English Georgian Online Dictionary, which is based on the fascicles of the Comprehensive English Georgian Dictionary published under the general editorship of Tinatin Margalitadze. The publication of the said fascicles began in 1995 and 13 fascicles (letters A to O) have been published so far.

The present Online Dictionary is by no means a stereotyped version of the printed edition of the Comprehensive English Georgian Dictionary. First fascicles of the English Georgian Dictionary, which were prepared and published back in 1980s and 1990s, have undergone a thorough revision. The online version has also comprised letters from P to Z, not published yet as fascicles.

Currently, uploaded to the Internet are 13 fascicles of the Comprehensive English Georgian Dictionary (A to O) and letters P to Z inclusive. Publication of the fascicles will be resumed from 2012: fascicle 14, the letter P – 2012; fascicle 15 (letters Q – S) – 2013, the 16th fascicle, comprising the letters T – Z will mark the completion of the publication of printed fascicles of the Dictionary, whereupon the Editorial Board plans to publish the Comprehensive English Georgian Dictionary in two volumes. The development of iPhone and iPad applications of the Dictionary is under discussion.

The Comprehensive English Georgian Dictionary presently contains up to 110 000 entries. Taking into consideration the fact that dictionary entries fully represent the polysemy of English words, contain numerous collocations, phrasal verbs, phraseological units, ample amount of scientific and technical, economic and artistic terms, as well as terms from various other fields – the total material is as comprehensive as up to 800 000 units.

The internal search system of the Online Dictionary enables the search for English words, collocations, phrasal verbs, etc, as well as the search for Georgian words and phrases (see the Technical Guide for the Dictionary). The English Georgian Dictionary is primarily intended for specialists on English, teachers, translators and specialists from other fields of knowledge, who have to deal with specialist texts; the Dictionary is also intended for students, generally for the individuals who study English, as well as for those interested in the English language and culture. The Dictionary will be of some benefit also for foreigners who are interested in the Georgian language.

Working on a dictionary is a never-ending process. Language is changing constantly, reflecting the changes which affect the society using the language in question. Within the language there appear new words, or already existing words develop additional meanings; some words and meanings fall into disuse; the register of word usage is undergoing permanent changes: the words recorded as slang items only two decades ago, function as quite ordinary colloquial words today; on the contrary, words with rather neutral meanings may, in the course of time, acquire some rude /vulgar colouring; there appear numerous new realities of life, which must be adequately reflected by the language. All this is especially important for the English language, as far as the latter has displayed rather rapid rate of diachronic transformation at each stage of its development.

The Comprehensive English-Georgian Online Dictionary is a “living” dictionary, for its editorial team is constantly updating the Dictionary, adding new entries, improving and refining the definitions and this work is set to continue also in the future.

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